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Arabella: 'Please DO feed the animals!' Welcome to our Request a Litter page! Have you looked through our adoptions & just not found what you were looking for? Want more options? Then you've come to the right place!

Maybe you've already heard of petz sites that do the whole request a pup thing.. maybe not.. either way I'm going to try to sum up what we do here... Once you've read the rules below you'll want to visit our crew pages under the 'about' link on the left. There you will find pages of our personal petz & details. Look through all the pretty petz & pick the lucky two that you would absolutely looove to adopt a baby from, but be sure to read the details Dmitry: 'Just add love.' because some of them aren't available for breeding.

Have you looked over my lovelies & Katrina's cuties & picked out two that you absolutely have to request a litter from? Then quickly skim over the rules below & send either me or Katrina an e-mail!

Soon after you will receive an e-mail with a picture of the litter. Lucky you then gets to nab 1-2 of the cuties to take home with you while the rest will go up for adoption on our Litter pages.

 Things to keep in mind

· NONE of the petz on our Crew sites are up for adoption or trade.
· We will only breed petz that are Adults & only within our own kennels/catteries.
· Under our petz details you will find if they are available for breeding or not.
· All of our petz are from Petz 4 (unless otherwise stated).. thus, all pups will work in versions 3+.
· Have fun!


· You may reserve once every couple of weeks.
· Keep Infinity in the show prefix.
· Do NOT place any adopted pet on PA/AAC or anywhere else for download.
· To show you've read these, put a plus sign after your name in the form.

 Request Form

· Use this subject line:
   "Request a Litter [petz names]"

     your name:
     petz names:
     comments / specifics:

· e-mail Sammy or Katrina ·