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Hiya! I'm Mallow, welcome to Infinity! This is a Petz 4 site. That's right, we now feature both Dogz & Catz!!! All petz were bred in this version of the game unless otherwise noted & should work in versions 3, 4, & 5. We specialize in Purebred Aussiez, Calicos, Dalmatianz, Danez & 2 selective breedz: Fetish Danez & Tamsinz as well as many gorgeous Mixies & the occasional Hexies. I'm Mallow, mom says I remind her of marshmellows! I've never had one, but she says they're absolutely delicious. I'm a calico mixie, believe it or not, & there are many more cuties like me waiting for you to take them home with you. Go take a look!

This site was first founded in 1998 & is owned by mom (a.k.a. Sammy) & co-owned by Katrina as of October 2oo9! A looooong time ago mom & Katrina worked together on a site hosted on CZ (if you know what that is we are extremely happy to see you here & thank you for stopping in!). Recently they got back in touch & have continued this tradition of making many more darling little creations! Infinity will be updated as regularly as life will allow.

You are currently viewing version 6.o 'City Glamour'. Enjoy!

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