TONS of new lonerz added, working on litterz so keep your eyes peeled!
I probably won't do another remodel for a while, nothing has inspired me lately. Plus I like what we're working with now so I think I'll keep it around for a while!
Heart Sammy

Alright, alright, I know I've neglected this place for a while, but I promise with good reason. I've been dealing with a lot between some serious issues with my husband & now being over 6 months pregnant. By the way, we're having a BOY!!! I'm so excited! Things have calmed down a bit so I've got more time & energy to continue here.
Expect many updates, possibly a remodel if I have the time/energy, & I'll be sending out all adoption requests that I've received over the past couple of months, so check your e-mails! Thanks everyone for sticking by me!
Heart Sammy

Good & exciting news! I found out on St. Patty's Day that I'm going to be a MOMMY!!! I'm so excited!
I should have no problem keeping this place updated & don't plan on going anywhere. I'll have more litterz up on Tuesday & I'm sending out adoptions now!!!
Heart Sammy

More Mixie litterz, they're adorable!
Finishing touches on the crew site, I should have it up tomorrow afternoon! Yey!
Heart Sammy

Adoptions sent out!
Nearly done with my crew site!
Heart Sammy

New Aussie litter! They're really cute, go check them out!
I'm currently updating my crew site, but it's going to take a lot of energy.. will keep you posted.
Heart Sammy

Decade is now our Sister site! So go check Tallie out on our links page!
Possibly more litterz later today, keep those apps coming!
Heart Sammy

Posted 4 more litterz! Check 'em out!
-Adoptions sent out! A couple litterz added by Katrina on the mixies page & at least 4 more by me will be posted later today!
Heart Sammy

-Adoptions sent out! Keep 'em coming! :)
Heart Sammy

-Complete remodel! Now dogz & CATZ!!!
-My computer decided to stop working, so I've (yet again) lost all my work & lovely petz since I've come back to the PC. I've managed to save a couple of my petz, but don't have a choice other than to start over again. So here we go!
Heart Sammy

-Adoptions sent out. In the process of breeding, so more adoptions to come!
Heart Katrina

-Another Aussie litter is up! Go take a look!
-I'm working on Katrina's crew site & a couple more litter so keep your eyes peeled!
Heart Sammy

-The new layout is up! What'dya think? :)
-I'm going to be adding another addition off Infinity here shortly as well, just for CATZ! Yey!
-Katrina added 2 *new* Fetish Dane litterz & more to come! Enjoy!
Heart Sammy

-I'm designing a new layout.. I'm not too fond of this one now that it's up, it's just not wide enough & the pink bothers me, haha. Anywho, I should have some more litters up later today & tomorrow as well so keep your eyes peeled!!
Heart Sammy

-The new layout is finished! Please let me know if you spot any bugs or links that don't work, I've fixed a couple already. Dreamweaver is acting strange today. Thanks!
Heart Sammy

[1o.23.o9 - 3:5oPM]
- Adoption requests sent out so check your e-mails!
- I'm currently working on a new layout & a couple more litters so look forward to that. I'll be gone for the weekend but will update on Monday!
- OH!!! Good news! I've reconnected with two more old PC members & wonderful friends, Nemo & Karrie!!! I'm so excited! I've added them both to our sister's page!
Heart Sammy

[1o.22.o9 - 2:4oPM]
- Another *new* Aussie litter & a large Fetish Dane litter are now up!
Heart Sammy

[1o.21.o9 - 4:ooPM]
- 1 *new* Fetish Dane litter & 1 *new* Aussie litter!
- More Fetish Dane litterz on the way, a Hound litter, more Aussie litterz! I'm going to try my best to get them up tomorrow!
Heart Sammy

[1o.15.o9 - 4:2oPM]
- I added another *new* Fetish Dane litter!
- I'm currently working on 1 more Fetish Dane litter, 1 Hound litter, & 2 Aussie litterz! Unfortunately I'm leaving for the weekend so they won't be added until Monday or Tuesday, but they're lookin' adorable!
Heart Sammy

[1o.13.o9 - 9:46PM]
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.
- Unlimited freebies on natural litters bred by me, Katrina.
Heart Katrina

[1o.12.o9 - 3:14PM]
- 1 *new* Fetish Dane litter up & ready to go!
- Site stats are still off, patience, just look forward to many new pups up for adoption, we'll worry about the stats later. ;)
Heart Sammy

[1o.12.o9 - 1:14PM]
- 1 *new* Tortsie (Tortoiseshell Aussie) litter.
- Unlimited freebies on hexed and natural (bred) litters by me, Katrina.
- Will update site stats later.

[1o.o8.o9 - 1o:24AM]
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.
- 2 or more to be added later today or tomorrow.
- Unlimited freebies for hexed and natural (bred) litters by me, Katrina.

[1o.o4.o9 - 7:26PM]
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.

[1o.o2.o9 - 7:4oPM]
- 2 *new* Aussie litters.

[o9.3o.o9 - 1o:o8PM]
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.

[o9.3o.o9 - 1:59AM]
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.
- 1 or more *new* Aussie litter(s) to be added tomorrow.
- Bedtime, goodnight and sweet dreams. Heart Katrina

[o9.28.o9 - 6:23PM]
- Katrina here with an update, yet again.
- 1 *new* Aussie litter.

[o9.21.o9 - 11:27PM]
- Katrina here, with a first update!
- 1 *new* natural Aussie litter!
- 1 *new* hexed Aussie litter!
- Note: Please send the adoption applications to me. The adoption rules and form remain unchanged. Copy & paste the form into an e-mail addressed to me, Katrina. The "contact" page contains contact information for Sammy, as well as, myself. Heart Katrina

[o9.19.o9 - 1o:3oAM]
- I'm currently getting everything up to date & have weeded out all the broken links & missing sites. Please let me know if you come across one I might have missed. :) Katrina and I are both working on some litterz & should have some new ones up soon! The shows will be down for a little while longer as well as the breeding requests, at least until we get more caught up. Thanks for being patient guys! Heart Sammy

[o9.17.o9 - 9:1oAM]
- I should be getting my dogz4 game in the mail either tomorrow or the next day! I'm excited!
- There seem to be broken links everywhere! I'm trying to go through everything today & fix as much as possible. Katrina will be in & out as well, hopefully we won't be crawling over one another, haha. I can't wait to get this place functioning again! Heart Sammy

[o9.11.o9 - 1o:3oAM]
- Alright, I've run into a couple small problems that I'm currently trying to resolve. It seems I no longer have my Dogz3 program, but I've got a new one on the way & have been thinking about even purchasing Dogz5. What does everyone think about that?
- Better news, I've found someone to Co-Own with me! Her name is Katrina, you may remember her as Babi Brindles if you go back as far as we do, from Communityzero.. ring a bell for anyone? Anyway, we started a site together waaaaay back when & somehow (fate I'm sure) we've gotten back in touch & can't wait to try this again! I'm so excited. So it's going to take some time for everything to be updated & functional, but we're coming back! Yey!

[o8.27.o9 - 6:3oAM]
- I'M BACK!!! I know, there has been a HUGE lapse in time since I was here last! A LOT has happened since, but I'll save that long story for another time. I've missed everyone & hope that some of you are still around! It's going to be a little bit before I'm able to make some major updates to this site, but I have a lot more spare time now & can't wait to get back into the Petz community & hopefully catch up with some of you again!
- If anyone is interested in becoming co=owner for my site I would LOVE the help, a site can be verrrry time consuming & even though I have 'more time' on my hands I don't have enough time to run this place on my own anyymore. So any help with showz, litterz, adoptionz, & even hexing would be appreciated! I hope to hear back from some of you soon! xoxo Sammy